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Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants

Good quality Botulinum Toxin Type A for sales
Good quality Botulinum Toxin Type A for sales
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Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants

China Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants supplier
Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants supplier Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants supplier Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants supplier

Large Image :  Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LAMBE
Certification: GMP
Model Number: 800cc Silicone Breast Implants

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: carton box
Delivery Time: 15-30working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Place Of Origin:: China Brand Name:: Lambe
Certification:: ISO Certificate13485 Minimum Order Quantity:: 1pcs
Packaging Details:: Sterilization Package,21cm*21cm*8cm Delivery Time:: 1 Month
Payment Terms:: Money Gram


Product introduction:


Lambe breast implant will give you experience of perfect body shape. Filled with the


memory gel, Lambe can effectively resist external force and restore the original shape


which make your body looks best.


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Breast Implant Shapes

What shape of Breast Implants should I have?

Implants can be round or shaped (also known as anatomical or teardrop). It is important to know that both of these are able to achieve a natural look. However, it all depends on the “look” you are going for and how much breast tissue you start with. 

A Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants are the most popular choice of breast implants used for breast enlargements. They look like a perfectly symmetrical sphere which has been cut in half with the curved part facing outwards from the chest wall.


The Upsides of round breast implants:


1 Round implants are able to rotate without causing any problems as they look the same at the top, sides and bottom so hold the breast shape.


2 They can look as natural as teardrop shaped implants as the filling settles on the lower part of the implant due to gravity.


3 They look more natural when lying down as the filler evenly disperses outwards as it would with natural breasts.


4 The cost of round breast implants is typically less than shaped breast implants.


5 Round breast implants can give more volume at the top of the breast if you use a firm gel, therefore you can create a great cleavage with the right bra.


This area is called the “upper pole” and does not normally have much projection unless you have breast implants. The downsides of Round Breast Implants


1 They may look “fake” (if incorrectly placed over the muscle in thin patients).


2 May not be suitable for reconstruction of the breast after breast cancer surgery as the tissue coverage over the implant is usually exceptionally thin.

Lambe Textured Type Silcone Breast Implants Super High Profile 0



B Shaped (or Teardrop) Breast Implants

Shaped breast implants are made to mimic the shape of natural breasts which have a higher volume around the bottom of the breast and are tapered upwards towards the neck. They are usually filled with a silicone gel that is more rigid than the gel in round implants and allows them to keep their teardrop shape.


Mr Lambe mainly uses textured, shaped implants which adhere to the chest wall and stay in position and are symmetrical therefore avoiding rotation of the breast implants before afterwhich could make them look asymmetrical (ie uneven). Typically older ladies who are having breast reconstruction following breast cancer choose this type of shape as it is more likely to mimic their own natural breast. The benefits of having shaped breast implants


1 Shaped breast implants are sometimes the best choice in slimmer patients who want more projection but want natural looking breasts


2 These breast implants are great for a more subtle breast enhancement, Risks of shaped implants


3 They can sometimes rotate which would make the breast look “out of shape” but this can be corrected by replacing the breast implants with round ones


4 They are firmer gel and may need a slightly larger incision for insertion but this depends on the size of the implant.





Silicone Snow Lambe Breast Implant 0 Silicone Snow Lambe Breast Implant 1 Silicone Snow Lambe Breast Implant 2
Agglomeration Technique
The optimized technique can control the index of the surface pores, making the human tissues more easily to grow into the pores and being soft.
Cohesive Technology
By enhancing the cohesive technique, the Snow Lamb« is more dynamic and realistic under the guarantee of the implant's intensity.
Setreoscopic Network
The Setreoscopic network increase the elasticity of the silicone gel and stability of the shape to keep the implant as excellent as before.




Twelve to Fifteen Layers Structure
Lambe has the shell of twelve to fifteen layers structure, filling with soft cohesive silicon gel.lt has good endurance and feeling touch and also the anti-leakage techinique can effectively prevent the gel seeping.
Imported & Safe Material
Lambe breast implant use the raw material from Nusil and its safety has been proved by NAS.







Lambe Textured Type Silcone Breast Implants Super High Profile 4 LOW PROFILE RLP160 97 31
RLP180 102 32
RLP200 106 33
RLP220 110 34
RLP240 114 34
RLP260 114 35
RLP280 118 36
RLP300 127 33
RLP330 129 38
RLP360 131 40
RLP390 133 41
RLP420 136 43
    RLP450 139 44

Unit : mm

RMP160 91 36 HIGH
RHP160 94 31 SUPER
RSHP200 94 47
RMP180 96 37 RHP180 97 33 RSHP220 97 48
RMP200 100 38 RHP200 100 35 RSHP240 99 49
RMP220 104 40 RHP220 103 37 RSHP260 102 50
RMP240 106 41 RHP240 106 39 RSHP280 104 52
RMP260 107 42 RHP260 109 41 RSHP300 107 53
RMP280 110 43 RHP280 111 43 RSHP325 109 53
RMP300 113 39 RHP300 113 45 RSHP350 112 54
RMP330 118 41 RHP320 115 47 RSHP375 115 54
RMP360 122 43 RHP340 118 48 RSHP400 117 55
RMP390 125 44 RHP360 120 49 RSHP425 119 55
RMP420 129 46 RHP380 122 50 RSHP450 122 56
RMP450 132 48 RHP400 124 51 RSHP475 124 56
RMP480 134 49 RHP440 128 53 RSHP500 127 57
RMP510 137 50 RHP480 132 55  
  RHP500 134 56



How to tell if your breast implant has ruptured

There are many signs that your implant has ruptured. A breast implant rupture saline will usually cause pain, swelling, and


inflammation in the area around your breast. You may also notice a change in the shape of your implant. It is


generally easier to find a rupture on one side of the breast than on the other. If you suspect that your breast


implant has ruptured, the best way to tell is with an ultrasound. An ultrasound will reveal any fluid surrounding the


implant and can also help find the exact location of the rupture.


If you suspect that your implants have ruptured, you should contact a plastic surgeon immediately for further


information about the procedure. If your breast implant ruptures, it can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms.


Symptoms generally include an increased amount of pain in the chest or back, and you might notice that the


implant has deflated. If you suspect your implant is leaking, you should go to the emergency room immediately.


Lambe 800cc Silicone Breast Implants Big Breast Implants Super High Profile Silcone Breast Implants

silicone breast implant rupture pictures



What happens if my breast implant ruptures


There are two types of breast ruptures:


one is the rupture of an implant, which usually occurs when the implant has been in place for a year or longer.


The second type is called a hematoma, which happens when fluid accumulates under the skin and can lead to infection.


Signs of these include redness in the breast, swelling, and an increase in size. When a breast implant ruptures, it


can cause serious problems. If an implant is injured, the capsule can release silicone gel or fluid, which can be


harmful to the surrounding tissue. Breast implants are usually safe and functional, but they need to be checked in


order to identify if they have ruptured. If your implant ruptures, the thick gel-like substance that holds the silicone


implants in place will shoot out. This liquid will seep through open skin and into the body. The liquid can cause serious medical problems like infection or fever. The most common symptom of a rupture is a change in breast shape or size. This can include the breast sinking, being pulled to one side, or having sagging skin. If you notice any changes in your breast shape or size, take them to your doctor to have them examined as soon as possible.



What to do if a breast implant ruptures


Breast implants are commonly used in reconstructive surgery, either to restore breast shape after a mastectomy or to create more space for larger breasts. If your breast implant ruptures, you may experience a number of symptoms including: redness, swelling and tenderness, rashes on the chest wall, pain and aches in the area where the implant is located. In some cases, breast implants can also cause inflammation of the lymph nodes near the affected area. If your implant has ruptured, you should see a healthcare provider immediately.


Although some people may experience mild pain, most will not realize that the breast implant has gone out of the skin until it is too late. The best way to tell if your implant has ruptured is by feeling for a bulge on one side - if you feel a lump, it is likely that the breast implant has burst through the skin. Find out if your implant has ruptured by doing a breast self-exam routine. You can also tell if your breast implant has ruptured by scheduling an appointment with your surgeon.



How to avoid ruptures?


If you've ever had a ruptured breast implant, you know what a scary and painful experience this can be. If you're considering getting breast implants, do your research on the possibility of rupture before going through with it. This will not only help you avoid one of the most difficult surgeries, but it will also help keep you healthy and safe throughout your life. The majority of breast implants rupture during the first three years but it is possible to prevent a rupture. Follow these tips to ensure you have a long, happy relationship with your implant:

-Get a sports bra that has padding and wraps around the chest area and back

-Wear tight fitting clothes on top so skin can't distort the implant shape

-Do not wear new bras or swimsuits for at least 10 days after surgery It is not uncommon for women to experience ruptured breast implants.


According to a new study published in the Journal of Plastic Surgery, about 4 percent of those who have them will experience complications due to rupture. When you experience a rupture, these conditions may include: pain, fever, swelling and shortness of breath. These are only some of the symptoms you might experience if your implant ruptures; depending on the severity, you might need a doctor to remove it promptly.


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