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Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

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Good quality Botulinum Toxin Type A for sales
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Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

China Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery supplier
Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery supplier Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery supplier Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery supplier

Large Image :  Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Lambe
Certification: GMP
Model Number: high profile round silicone breast implants

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: carton box
Delivery Time: 5-8working days
Payment Terms: MoneyGram, Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability: 4000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Supply Ability :: Production 4,000 Per Month Packaging Details :: Sterilization Package,21cm*21cm*8cm
Color :: Transparent Apply To :: Breast Plastic Surgery
Transport Package :: Sterilization Package

Product introduction:

All You Need To Know About Breast Implants


Breast Implants were invented by American Plastic Surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow in 1961 and the first breast implant surgery was performed in 1962. The inventors of the breast implant sought to mimic the natural fatty breast tissue of a woman and give them an improved breast shape and increase their size. Many women are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts and so there has been a huge  increase in breast implant patients who wish to return their breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape (or before childbirth and breastfeeding). Other women would like to increase the size of their breasts as they have always had a small chest and long for “a cleavage”.


                                                Lambe Silicone Breast Implants Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

What is Breast Tissue Made Of?

Women’s breasts are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue.

The amount of fat determines the size of the breast. The milk-producing part of the breast has 15 to 20 sections,

called lobes.


Within each lobe are smaller sections, called lobules that produce milk. The milk travels through a network

of tiny tubes called ducts and these ducts connect into larger ducts, which come out via the nipple. The dark

area of skin surrounding the nipple is called the areola. Connective tissue and ligaments support the breast

and give it its unique shape. The nerves in your breast give you sensation. The breast also contains blood

vessels, lymph vessels, and lymph nodes.


10 Steps to choosing the right Breast Implants for YOU


1 Research breast augmentation surgery online


2 Ask trusted friends and family about their opinions on cosmetic surgery and if it might be right for you


3 If they’ve had breast augmentation surgery, ask them would they recommend their Surgeon and if so find out who and their contact details to

find out more about them


4 Do further research on the Cosmetic Surgeon you have shortlisted, either online or asking previous patients. An experienced surgeon should have a good amount of reviews on their social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram and a range of before and after pictures on their website. Google my business can be a good source of online reviews too


5 Ring the clinic to ask any further questions and to arrange a convenient Consultation time, date and hospital to suit you



6 If you are thinking about Breast Enlargement surgery then ask them if they do 3D Virtual Reality imaging where you can be scanned and see “yourself” in virtual reality with different shapes, sizes and projections of breast implants in a range of clothes from bikinis to ball gowns so that you gain a good idea of how you could look after breast surgery.



 7 Print out any photos of the “look” you are trying to achieve


 8 Write out some questions for your Surgeon and take them with you along with your photos


9 If you feel nervous, it might be good to bring along a trusted friend or relative 


10 Arrive at your Consultation leaving yourself enough time to spare in case of heavy traffic, finding a parking space, finding reception and arriving at your Consultation room so that you are relaxed when you discuss your cosmetic surgery.


Breast augmentation is more than simply increasing breast size; Every patient is different and there are several aspects apart from size, such as shape, chest and breast dimensions, skin quality, nipple position, position of the breast crease or fold and the amount of breast tissue that is present to cover the implant, which are all taken into account when determining what type of breast augmentation will work best for you.


Please directly contact us by whatsapp us:+8615280150892  for breast implants to get information on breast auguments






Agglomeration Technique
The optimized technique can control the index of the surface pores, making the human tissues more easily to grow into the pores and being soft.
Cohesive Technology
By enhancing the cohesive technique, the Snow Lamb« is more dynamic and realistic under the guarantee of the implant's intensity.
Setreoscopic Network
The Setreoscopic network increase the elasticity of the silicone gel and stability of the shape to keep the implant as excellent as before.



Twelve to Fifteen Layers Structure
Lambe has the shell of twelve to fifteen layers structure, filling with soft cohesive silicon gel.lt has good endurance and feeling touch and also the anti-leakage techinique can effectively prevent the gel seeping.
Imported & Safe Material
Lambe breast implant use the raw material from Nusil and its safety has been proved by NAS.




Breast Implant Sizes:



Unit : mm

  LOW PROFILE ML-S160L 97 31
ML-S180L 102 32
ML-S200L 106 33
ML-S220L 110 34
ML-S240L 114 34
ML-S260L 114 35
ML-S280L 118 36
ML-S300L 127 33
ML-S330L 129 38
ML-S390L 133 41
ML-S420L 136 43
ML-S450L 139 44


Unit : mm

ML-S160M 91 36 HIGH
ML-S160H 94 31 SUPER
ML-S200SH 94 47
ML-S180M 96 37 ML-S180H 97 33 ML-S220SH 97 48
ML-S200M 100 38 ML-S200H 100 35 ML-S240SH 99 49
ML-S220M 104 40 ML-S220H 103 37 ML-S260SH 102 50
ML-S225M 105 41 ML-S240H 106 39 ML-S280SH 104 52
ML-S240M 106 41 ML-S260H 109 41 ML-S300SH 107 53
ML-S260M 107 42 ML-S280H 111 43 ML-S325SH 109 53
ML-S280M 110 43 ML-S300H 113 45 ML-S350SH 112 54
ML-S300M 113 39 ML-S320H 115 47 ML-S375SH 115 54
ML-S330M 118 41 ML-S340H 118 48 ML-S400SH 117 55
ML-S360M 122 43 ML-S360H 120 49 ML-S425SH 119 55
ML-S390M 125 44 ML-S380H 122 50 ML-S450SH 122 56
ML-S420M 129 46 ML-S400H 124 51 ML-S475SH 124 56
ML-S450M 132 48 ML-S440H 128 53 ML-S500SH 127 57
ML-S480M 134 49 ML-S480H 132 55  
ML-S510M 137 50 ML-S500H 134 56


How to know if you have a ruptured breast implant


A rupture in a breast implant can be caused by tissue swelling, infection, trauma or if the implant is misaligned. symptoms of silicone gel breast implant rupture can range from pain and tenderness to bleeding, visible signs of infection and a foul odor. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, visit your doctor or seek emergency medical care immediately. A ruptured breast implant is very painful and requires immediate medical attention.


However, symptoms of a rupture may include:

-suctioning sounds from the chest

-swelling in the breast

-discoloration around the nipple


Don't panic if you have a breast implant rupture. In most cases, it is not serious. However, there are some things to watch for that could indicate the need for further attention. These symptoms include numbness or tingling in your arm, chest or nipple; pain or a hard lump around the implant; redness around your implant; and fever or chills.


What happens when a silicone breast implant ruptures


In a ruptured breast implant, silicone leaks out of the implant because the walls of your breast are not strong enough to hold them in. This is a serious but rare complication and may or may not lead to permanent maiming. Symptoms of a rupture include swelling, discoloration, and pain, and in some cases, blood. If your silicone implant ruptures, you're going to have a bad time. The symptoms of a ruptured breast implant will vary depending on how much silicone is leaking out of the implant. If it's leaking out quickly and in large quantities, you'll be at risk of infection and tissue damage, which could lead to permanent disfigurement or even fatality. After a ruptured breast implant, the following can happen: redness, scarring and pain. If the rupture is on one side of the breast, it may be more noticeable than the other and this may also affect how you feel. The colour of your skin will change to a grayish-blue colour known as lipodermatitis or miloism. You may not be able to see any signs of rupture until they are too late but you should know what could happen if something goes wrong. When you rupture a silicone breast implant, it can be quite painful and tough to find.


Early signs include:
- swelling in the breasts
- redness
- lumps or bumps on either side of the nipple


A silicone breast implant can rupture, which can lead to problems such as leaking silicone gel, a painful lump or sore, and possible complications in the chest area. There are other causes of ruptured breast implants including improper insertion and force from trauma.

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