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Will your breast implants last a lifetime?

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Will your breast implants last a lifetime?

If you are someone who has undergone a breast implant surgery, then you know how unnerving it can be to have to replace your implants after so many years. Implants that last several decades or even a lifetime might not seem like a reality today !​Your breasts are one of the most visible parts of your body, so you want them to be taken care of in the best possible way. To make sure that they last a lifetime, it's best to have them surgically implanted by skilled surgeons.  


If you're considering getting breast implants, this article will help you understand what to look out for and how implants can last a lifetime.


The average lifespan of breast implants


The average lifespan of breast implants is 10-12 years. They can rupture or leak silicone fluid over time, leading to other health issues or even cancer. 


The symptoms of ruptured implants can be very vague and feel like chronic issues such as:

- Pain or discomfort

- Feeling of fullness or inability to breathe normally

- Changes in skin color, shape, size, or texture

- Fluid build up in the armpits


Will a mammogram rupture breast implants


If you have breast implants and have had a mammogram, you may be wondering if the two tests can cause one of your implants to rupture. It is important to know that mammograms are safe for any woman with breast implants, even those from before their surgery. Symptoms of a ruptured breast implant may include: a lump in the breast, nipple numbness or pain, drainage from the nipple, or swelling in the breast. If you're worried about your implants because of recent changes in your breasts, it's important to consider what a mammogram can do. A mammogram might rupture or damage breast implants, which is why mammograms are often performed on both breasts simultaneously.



Will your breast implants last a lifetime?


breast implant rippling pictures



Reasons for breast implant removal or replacement


There are different factors that affect how long breast implants last and when you need to replace your implants.


1. Implant Rupture


A breast implant rupture is a serious problem that can lead to complications and may require surgery.

The incidence of silicone breast implant rupture is approximately 1%. This can be a symptom for other diseases that cause similar symptoms.

Here are some symptoms to look for:


  • Some types of ruptures will cause no symptoms at all
  • Your implant's active surface has a white or yellowish cast
  • You have redness, swelling, or irritation around the implant
  • The implant feels hard or lumpy If you notice any of the following symptoms, please contact your doctor.

2. Changes in Position


There is still a need for plastic surgeons to examine the position of implants periodically to remove them should they change position.


3. Breast Capsular Contracture


This occurs when scar tissue hardens around one or both implants. This scar tissue can cause tightness in the breasts, pain and changes in

breast size and shape.


4. Rippling


Implant development can sometimes be the cause of wrinkles and ripples in the skin. There are a few ways to prevent them, like wearing a surgical bra and wearing supportive garments.


5.Breast Pain and Changes in Breast Size, Skin Color or Texture.


In some cases, it may also be caused by infection or an allergic reaction. If you experience any of those symptoms associated with your breast implants, speak with a plastic surgeon for advice on how to proceed.



Treating a Breast Implant Rupture


It is important to treat a silicone breast implant rupture mri immediately and begin the long process of recovering from this condition. Those who don't take care of their injury in time may even have permanent, life-changing results. 



Will your breast implants last a lifetime?


The symptoms of a breast implant rupture include: pain, bruising, bleeding, tenderness and/or a dark coloration. It is most likely caused by the over-stretching of the implant or an allergic reaction to the implants material. If you have any of these symptoms you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms of a breast implant rupture include: pain, nipple discharge or change in size or color, redness and swelling, tenderness above the incision point, sharp pain in the chest area.


If you experience any of these symptoms after having your implant removed, it is recommended that you contact your doctor immediately. If you have a breast implant rupture and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately. No matter what the cause, ruptured implants can be very serious. A breast implant rupture is a surgical emergency that occurs when the implant ruptures through the skin. Symptoms of a rupture include swelling, redness and pain. If you are in this situation, it is important to seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible.


Proper care of implants helps prolong the lifespan


It is very important to take proper care of your breast implants. Proper care for your breast implants can help to improve their longevity, and this care begins during your breast augmentation recovery. There are two basic types of breast implants: silicone gel and saline. Saline implants typically last up to 10 years, whereas silicone gel implants last around 5-6 years.


Proper care includes changing the saline packets in your implant twice a day and washing the implant with mild soap or saline solution every three months so that you don't create a bacterial infection, showering before dressing to minimize skin contact with the saline,using an appropriate bra size, using a tight-fitting shirt or athletic wear but not too tight, avoiding scratching the skin around the implant and keeping it dry, and wearing compression garments.


Most breast implant ruptures can be prevented if the surgeon or clinician pays attention to proper care. There are symptoms that may indicate an implant rupture, such as pain, redness, and oozing. If these symptoms persist for more than three weeks after surgery, it is recommended that the patient consults with their doctor. Prolonging the life of your breasts through proper maintenance can help you extend the life of your new look and give you more time before you're likely to require a breast implant replacement. You should always perform regular self-checks, as well as following your plastic surgeon's guidelines for annual checkups. 



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